Perlora is a parish from the council of Carreño, situated in the asturian central coast.


Candás is the capital of the council and also the most populated. The port is one of the most meaningful elements of the town and in the past was one of the most important ports of the Cantabric Sea. The Holy Christ of the parish church of Candás is the second most visited sanctuary of Asturias, after Covadonga. The legend tells that a fisherman found the image in the sea. The 14th of September takes place with diverse acts as the floral offering and folk groups.

Distance: 4′ 


Capital of the asturian council of Gozón, is located between Candás and Avilés, just a few kilometres from Peñas Cape, the northernmost point of Asturias. Was mainly fisher village, though nowadays is living of the tourism.

Distance: 10′


Avilés is a city on the coast, which pick arrived with steel industry. The main square is the nerve centre and from where all the foremost streets come from: Rivero, Galiana, La fruta, La Ferrería & La Cámara. Its historic centre has been declared Monumental Historic Artistic Join in 1955 by the Ministry of Culture and nowadays, Avilés has international relevance thanks to the new Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre.

Distance: 15′


Gijón You can easily get to Gijón by public transport (train or bus). There is a regular daily service which connects Perlora with the city centre. The Elogio al Horizonte sculpture, the old quarter of Cimadevilla, its marina, San Lorenzo beach, the shopping centre… There is always a reason to visit Gijón.

Distance: 15′

Cabo Peñas

Peñas Cape, located in the council of Gozón, is the northernmost point of Asturias. In the ground floor of the lighthouse you can visit the Interpretation Centre of the Marine Environment of Peñas, formed by 5 rooms, lighthouse room, storm & shipwrecks Room, the Peñas Cape sea room, marine biodiversity room and window of Gozón room. 

Distance:  25′


Oviedo is the capital of Asturias and is located in the geographic centre of the province. Some of its remarkable places are: the pre-Romanesque buildings, its Cathedral, the historic centre, San Francisco Park, Fontan’s Market,the Buenavista Palace…

Distance: 25′

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